Saturday, June 4, 2011

Month two: smiles and trials

We have made it through month 2! Its been a long one. With family and friends departed, and Mohamed back at work, life has developed somewhat of normal routine, with the exception of the tiny person now at the center of our days. We have often been left wondering how it is that someone who weighs less than most items at Costco can be the boss of the family, but she sure is. Most of our outings are planned according to her schedule and desires, and our little dictator does just not always appreciate doing things outdoors in the beautiful springtime weather the way we do.
Laila "enjoys" a walk in downtown Boulder

hanging out in the back yard
 Just when we are about to crazy from lack of sleep and crying, Laila will give us a toothless grin or a conversation of goo goo ga ga and we'll remember that there is actually a little person in there and how precious these early months are.  We've managed to capture some smiles on camera, but so far every time we pull out the flip recorder, the chattering stops. We do have a few great videos of Zoe talking baby talk though....

So long till next month- on the agenda- our first trip as an expanded family (yikes!)