Friday, March 18, 2011

Counting down....

Preparations are in full swing for the arrival of baby Ghali-who's due date has steadily creept up on us. We have been spending the last few weekends here getting the nursery (formerly known as the office) ready, relaxing, and attempting to get some sleep in while we can. Not so easy to do with what looks to be a watermelon in my stomach!
The result- the crib is finally assembled, our old bedroom dresser repainted with new knobs, and even some artwork and a handmade mobile and wall decal up. I'm even 2/3 of the way done with my first official quilt. Still a few artsy projects to complete if baby permits, but  the room is basically ready for his/her arrival.  See some photos of the room in progress below!

 As much as I am tired of feeling huge, In some ways it would be nice to still have another week before baby arrives, despite the fact that breathing and sleeping are tough and bending over to tie shoes impossible...Mohamed is a bit shocked by the current size of my stomach and getting used to the the idea that there is really a baby in there that could be making his/her appearance in the outside world at any time. He was a good sport about the labor and delivery class and all of the lovely videos in it, now if I could only get him to read some baby books.  As for me, I am keeping busy trying to finish up things at work, doing taxes, cleaning the house and otherwise obsesivly getting things in order as only a pregnat woman can do... Countdown 1 weeks to go?!

Mina's new favorite spot to nap - the changing table

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